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Behind The Scenes: Becoming the Internet's Stepmom with Cherie DeVille

Hello to all my fabulous followers! It’s Cherie here, the Internet’s Stepmom, taking you on a journey through the pages of my life. Today, I’ll spill the tea on a topic many of you have been curious about - how I found my way into the amazing world of adult entertainment.

Believe it or not, my entry into this provocative profession wasn’t calculated, but rather a brush stroke of destiny. As many of you might know, my life wasn’t always lights, camera, and action. It was filled with stretches, exercises, and patient care in my delightful days as a physical therapist. A career I was deeply engrossed in and happily practicing.

But life always has its surprises, doesn’t it? While I was nurturing my career as a physical therapist, there was also a streak of adventure running through me. I delved a bit into nude modeling, embracing the artistry and expression of the human form. I was on websites like Model Mayhem and, exploring and expressing my sensuality and femininity in subtle yet powerful ways.

The universe had its plan in motion, and one fine day, a wonderful opportunity knocked on my door - or shall I say, my online profile. An agent discovered me, and there it was, the golden question, "Do you want to film some porn in Los Angeles?" The offer left me in a whirlwind of emotions, curiosities, and tons of questions.

I was honestly shocked. I’d watched porn, was interested in adult content, but not necessarily as a job. I wouldn't have known how to get into porn, where porn is filmed. I reflected on that defining moment – with a world of unknowns before me, the adventurer inside couldn’t let this astonishing opportunity pass by. I thought, worst case scenario, I’ll just be 90 years old, showing my nieces, look what Nana did, you know, when she was younger.

Taking that leap of faith, I found myself in Los Angeles, filming scenes, embracing new experiences, and discovering a new dimension of myself. I went to Los Angeles, shot my scenes, and I completely fell in love with it. Los Angeles started becoming my second home, and my visits became more frequent, transforming a casual interest into a profound passion and eventually a flourishing career.

In addition to my journey into porn, there’s another layer to my career that many might find intriguing. I've taken a stand against certain narratives in the porn industry, particularly those that try to malign our work. The industry has been under scrutiny, with allegations and smear campaigns attempting to dim our sparkle. I felt the need to voice my perspective and became involved in conversations that matter, ensuring that our stories aren’t lost in the noise or misrepresented.

I care about showing that anti-sex-trafficking campaigns are anti-porn campaigns in disguise, and for this reason, I became an advocate, a voice that hopes to create a balanced dialogue and understanding regarding the realities of our industry.

Oh, and before we wrap up our chat today, here’s a naughty little secret for my beloved fans! Did you know there’s a way for you to bring a piece of me into your intimate moments? Yes, darlings! With the marvelous Cherie DeVille Signature Stroker and other delightful toys molded from my body, your fantasies can take flight. My fans love them, and I love that my fans get to enjoy having sex with me, through these beautifully crafted, exquisite toys.

Join me, loves, in this extraordinary journey where every day is a new scene, a new act, and a new experience, in the fabulous, sensual world of Cherie DeVille, your beloved Internet Stepmom. 💖💫

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