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Cherie's Publications

Cherie DeVille is a hot topic in the adult film industry, an expert on sexual health and wellness, and an accomplished writer.

Cherie DeVille has written extensively on politics and the sex industry, sharing her insights and experiences through a variety of publications. 


See some of her latest press and articles below!

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Press & Publications

Daily Beast:

- "The Condom Battle: Porn Industry Insiders Say Health Officials’ Proposed Rules Would Hurt Their Business" (2016)

- "Trump's 'War on Sex Workers' Isn't Just Shameful—It's a Public Health Crisis" (2018)

- "Why Sex Work Is Real Work" (2019)

- "What Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez Gets Right About Sex Work" (2020)

- "The Sex Industry's Response to COVID-19 Should Be a Wake-Up Call for Politicians" (2020)

- "Why the Decriminalization of Sex Work Is the Only Way Forward" (2021)


The Hill:

- "Opinion: Women’s Safety Must Be at the Heart of Any Policy on Sex Work" (2019)

- "Opinion: The Decriminalization of Sex Work Is the Only Solution to Protecting Sex Workers" (2019)



- "Inside the World of Webcamming" (2020)


- "Adult Film Performer Cherie DeVille Wants to Be Your New Politician" (2019)

- "Why the Adult Film Industry Is Fighting for Its Life" (2020)


New York Post:

- "Sex Workers Slam Kamala Harris’ Support of ‘Abstinence-Only Education’" (2019)

- "Why Sex Workers Say their Business Is Safe from the Coronavirus" (2020)


Associated Press:

- "Porn Industry Set to Adopt New Safety Guidelines" (2016)


Barstool Sports:

- "Cherie DeVille Discusses Being an Adult Actress and Advocate" (2021)

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