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Cherie DeVille’s Favorite Sex Toys and Lubes

Cherie DeVille here! Today I want to let everyone in on a little secret about what is in my

Cherie DeVille

arsenal of sex toys! Some people might assume that when you work in the porn industry, you might not have time for masturbation or sex outside of work. Well, that is just not the truth for me, at least. I strongly believe in masturbation, whether solo or mutual with my partner. I also love to use toys during sex because toys aren’t competition, they’re a partner for your sex life.

The Cherie DeVille Mainsqueeze Toy

The Cherie DeVille Mainsqueeze toy is a fantastic addition to my toy collection. I love to use it to jack off a partner while building up to the main event. The Mainsqueeze has many unique features that make my partner feel all the pleasure, including a textured interior to increase feeling, and the squeeze plate design allows me to control the pressure while stroking to intensify the fun.

The unique design of the Mainsqueeze allows me to loosen the end cap to control the amount of suction; this is amazing for tailoring my partner’s experience to their exact desire. I can choose more or less suction as I go, which can help or stop my partner from climaxing. One of my favorite features is that this toy warms to the touch, so it’s seriously close to the real thing, making it an excellent gift for a partner and super enjoyable to use before or after sex. It’s super easy to clean because it fully disassembles, allowing you to get all the nooks and crannies. You can purchase the Cherie DeVille Mainsqueeze today for $78.95… a steal, in my opinion.

Cherie DeVille Mainsqueeze Toy

Masturbating with Lovgun

Looking for a super ultra lightweight massager that has many different uses? Look no further than the Lovgun Therapy Massager with Belt + Stud; you can order it today for $349.99. This package deal includes the stud attachment with an insert length of roughly five inches, which is perfect for a beginner or casual, non-hardcore play. One of the best features of the Lovgun is that it is super lightweight, portable, and quiet.

You can take it with you and charge it anywhere because it uses a USB-C connection, like many cell phones on the market today. The Lovgun is also remarkable because it’s super easy to hold and push; even though its primary design is for erotic play, separate attachments can be purchased that allow you to use it as a therapy massager anywhere on your partner. The Lovgun is equipped with four advanced speeds and different attachments and restraints that are great for spicing it up. This toy is absolutely perfect for solo use or to use with a partner.

Cherie DeVille Lovgun Toy

My Favorite Rideable Vibrator

Next up on my favorite toy list is the Motorbunny Buck - Thrusting Sex Machine. This toy is pretty much my go-to for masturbation. Of course, you can utilize this amazing sex saddle for foreplay or mutual masturbation with your partner, but I love to use this bad boy solo. Although this machine has a high-upfront cost, it accomplishes so much that it replaces the need for several toys. If I could only have ONE sex toy in my arsenal, I’d consider the Motorbunny Buck. Not to mention it is the world’s first and only hybrid saddle vibrating and thrusting machine, so there’s no other sex machine that comes close to my Motorbunny Buck.

Motorbunny has tons of attachments that range from penetration, anal, clit-stimulating, and more. The possibilities are nearly endless with all the attachments and restraints available and allow for this machine to really be worth the price tag. Motorbunny has a few competitors on the market but none match the price tag or are as powerful as the Motorbunny. Also, Motorbunny’s website has payment plan options for those are might not have the $1,649 upfront but are willing to pay as they go.

Cherie DeVille Motorbunny Buck

Hitting My G-Spot

No sex toy collection is complete without a rabbit toy- in my opinion. One of my favorites is the Starship Butterfly Kiss with Tongue. This toy is loaded with a contoured massager, accomplishing its mission to hit the G-spot. One of the best parts of this rabbit is the tongue-like teasing featuring flickers faster as you increase the speed of the vibrator, making sure to keep your clit in the loop and feeling fabulous.

The powerful dual motors give this unassuming toy the power to have ten intense vibration functions, pulsations, and escalations. You can enjoy this rabbit for 50 minutes of low-speed play or up to 40 minutes of high-speed play, making it perfect for those using it as a warm-up or even for those who might be able to accomplish their climax in that time. This toy retails on Starship’s website for $64.99, affordable yet high quality.

Cherie DeVille Butterfly G-Spot Toy

Cherie DeVille’s Anal Essentials

My favorite anal toy is the Vibrating & Thrusting Remote Control Silicone Anal Plug. Not only does this toy have three robust levels of vibration, but it also has five pulse patterns and five unique thrusting modes. This toy may not be for beginners, but it is worth warming up to for sure. It is waterproof and rechargeable and has to be one of the best vibrating anal toys on the market! It’s priced at $105 and is worth every penny.

Cherie DeVille XR Brands Vibrating Anal Toy

I love to use this toy with Wicked Sensual Care’s Anal Jelle Lube. It is one of the best on the market because it’s a highly concentrated, extra thick, long-lasting anal lube. My favorite thing about this is that it never gets sticky, and it is super thick. This lube is water-based, so it’s safe to use with any silicone toys. It has all the amazing qualities that I look for: it is vegan, glycerin-free, paraben-free, and latex friendly so that it can be used with condoms with no problem. Wicked Sensual Care also offers a cooling and warming version of this anal lube for any mood that I find myself in.

Cherie DeVille Wicked Sensual Care Anal Lube

Keeping it Clean

Now for a PSA, if you do not have a toy cleanser, get one immediately! Toy cleansers are so mega important for your toys as well as your health. My favorite toy cleanser doubles as a body cleanser and is the Swiss Navy Toy & Body Cleaner. I love this product because it is really easy to use; I just spray it onto my toys, wipe it clean with a fresh cloth, rinse, and let it air dry. Many people don’t know this, but it is actually recommended that you wash your toys before and after use to reduce the risk of any bacteria being spread to your sensitive parts. Swiss Navy products are great because they’re affordable and made right here in the USA.

Cherie DeVille Swiss Navy Toy and Body Cleaner

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River Adams
River Adams
Jan 05

First I think ur the hottest woman on the planet. Unfortunately I've been scammed bad by someone who was acting like u. But I will never stop being a fan and hopping to meet you one day

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