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Why Cherie DeVille Loves Lingerie

Lingerie Boosts Confidence

Cherie Deville in her sexy pink lace lingerie

There’s literally nothing in the world that boosts my confidence more than putting on a new piece of sexy lingerie! Once I slip into my lingerie, I feel like there is nothing and no one I can’t do. On or off camera, lingerie gives me the confidence to bring out my role as The Internet’s Stepmom that you all know and love. It’s like my secret armor and I strongly suggest everyone have at least a few pieces of lingerie in their arsenal.

Empowerment Through Self-Expression

Lingerie isn’t just lacy one pieces! Lingerie comes in many different styles, with unique features and accessories. I love to don a two piece lingerie set and wear it under my clothes throughout my day. With so many kinds of lingerie, I get to express myself and my moods through the pieces I wear. Feeling shy? I can throw on a fuller coverage lacy teddy. Feeling spicy already? Let me grab a two piece that barely covers anything! Or maybe I’m feeling mysterious? All black with sexy cut outs for me. I can find lingerie for any mood, and so can you.

Celebrating Body Positivity

Internet's Stepmom in sexy white lingerie and high heels

Being an adult film star is glamorous and empowering, but everyone has their moments of doubt. That's when my lingerie comes in extra handy. Lingerie makes it easier for me to see the beauty of my body just the way it is. I am a staunch advocate for body positivity and self-love, and I believe lingerie plays a crucial role in this journey. Lingerie celebrates the beauty of all body types, embracing curves, and highlighting the unique attributes of each individual. Everyone is deserving of love and admiration no matter their size or shape. Finding the right lingerie for you is a great way to boost your natural confidence.

The Art of Seduction

For me, lingerie is the ultimate tool of seduction. It's not just about how it looks but also how it makes me feel on the inside. Whether I’m performing on screen or enjoying intimate moments privately, I love that lingerie adds an element of allure to enhance the art of seduction.

My Sweeky Collection

Cherie DeVille in her sexy black lace halter top lingerie

My love for lingerie goes beyond the superficial; it is a celebration of self-expression, confidence, and sensuality. Lingerie is not merely clothing for me, it's a powerful tool that empowers me to embrace my identity and allure. Through my passion for lingerie, I am able to inspire others to explore their sensuality, celebrate their bodies, and embrace the art of self-expression. That’s one of the reasons I love offering my used lingerie pieces to my fans on Sweeky. After a garment has served me well, I love to offer the pieces to my loving fans for purchase. Most of the pieces I sell go up for auction, so if you see one you love, don’t hesitate to bid!


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