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10 Fun Facts About Cherie Deville

Welcome to my little corner of the web, dear friends and fans. Cherie DeVille here, ready to take you on a personal journey through the quirks and facts that make me, well, uniquely me. You've asked some burning questions, and I'm tickled to share the answers with a twist of fun. So, let's dive into the 10 Fun Facts About Cherie DeVille you've been curious about!

1. Who is Cherie DeVille?

  • Ah, the perennial question that echoes through the halls of cyberspace. I am a woman of many layers - an adult film star, a physical therapist, a model, and at times, an unexpected philosopher. With a career spanning over a decade in the adult industry, I've become something of a familiar face to those who enjoy a blend of intelligence, humor, and sensuality all wrapped up in one.

2. How tall is Cherie DeVille?

  • Elegance often comes in statuesque forms, and I stand proudly at 5 feet 4 inches tall. It’s the perfect height for everything from a commanding presence on camera to a snuggle-up with a good book off camera. Plus, it’s a great balance - not too tall for heels, and not too short for that commanding glance over my glasses.

3. Is Cherie DeVille a lesbian?

  • Let's just say I'm an aficionado of love in all its forms. While I adore the company of men, I also relish the soft, sensuous touch of a woman. My performances with lovely ladies are as genuine as they are passionate. In my private life, I prefer not to label my sexuality; I simply follow my heart and desires.

4. Does Cherie DeVille do anal?

  • Indeed, I do! With the right partner, preparation, and mood, it's an intensely pleasurable experience that I've explored on camera for my fans. It's all about pushing boundaries and experiencing new heights of pleasure, isn't it?

5. How did Cherie DeVille get into porn?

  • It's a tale of curiosity meeting opportunity. With a background in physical therapy, I've always been fascinated by the human body and its potential for pleasure. In my mid-30s, I took the plunge into the adult industry, seeking adventure and the chance to explore my own sensuality. I haven't looked back since.

6. What was Cherie DeVille's first scene?

  • Oh, the nostalgia! My very first scene was a sweet and sexy lesbian encounter. It was like a first date with an immediate connection - a beautiful way to start off what would become a diverse and fulfilling career.

7. Does Cherie DeVille have a pocket pussy?

  • Why yes, there is indeed a Cherie DeVille pocket pussy! It's part of the delightful world of adult toys modeled after your favorite performers. It's a little bit of me, just for you, for those moments when only the intimate thought of Cherie will do.

8. Cherie DeVille’s age - what is it?

  • Age, my loves, is but a number. I graced this world in the late '70s, making me a proud and vivacious member of the fabulous 40 club. With every year, I find more to learn, experience, and enjoy - and I do it all with gusto.

9. What is the Internet's Stepmom?

  • That's a playful moniker I've earned from my many roles as the archetypal stepmom. It seems the internet has embraced me as the ultimate fantasy stepmother - nurturing yet wickedly tempting. I take it as a compliment of the highest order.

10. Is Cherie DeVille still modeling?

  • Absolutely! My love affair with the camera continues as strong as ever. Whether it's a steamy adult scene or a glamorous photo shoot, I relish in expressing myself and celebrating the beauty of the human form. So keep your eyes peeled; there's always more to come.

There you have it - a little trivia, a touch of mystery, and a whole lot of Cherie. I hope you've enjoyed these tidbits as much as I've enjoyed sharing them. Remember, the most interesting facts about me are those that unfold in my performances and the moments we share. So, stay tuned for more adventures and, as always, let's keep making magic together.


Cherie DeVille

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