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Cherie DeVille's Favorite Co-Stars

Hey, it's Cherie DeVille, and today I'm taking a moment to share some love and spotlight some of the amazing co-stars I've had the privilege of working with throughout my career. Each of these talented individuals not only brings their A-game to the set, but they've also ventured into interesting paths outside of adult entertainment, enriching their careers and, in many cases, pioneering new grounds. You can find many of these collaborations at or on my OnlyFans page.

Dani Daniels: A Multifaceted Talent

Dani Daniels is a powerhouse in our industry, appearing in X-rated features for top companies like Brazzers, Wicked Pictures, and Jules Jordan. Her accolades include more than 20 awards, highlighting her exceptional talent and appeal.

Beyond her adult film achievements, Dani is a powerhouse entrepreneur, owning multiple companies, including DD roasters her in house coffee company, a popular clothing line a line of spice rubs and so much more among her mainstream accolades she has made significant strides in mainstream media with her Amazon Prime TV show, "Dinner With Dani." This round-table discussion covers a broad range of topics from porn and relationships to other fun, everyday stuff, making conversations about adult work more accessible and relatable.

Dani Daniels and Cherie DeVille

Dani and I have teamed up in several unforgettable scenes in films and on our OnlyFans pages, including the playful "Dani Daniels and Cherie DeVille Fight Over Huge GATOR TRAILER" and the festive "Two Horny BFFS For The Holidays." Our chemistry on set is always electric, making each project a delightful adventure.

Alexis Fawx: From Air Force to Adult Fame

Alexis Fawx has a background as vibrant as her personality. She has worked with numerous well-known studios, has her own popular podcast “High as Fawx” and has been nominated for several AVN Awards, including "Best Supporting Actress" and "MILF Performer of the Year." Before entering the adult industry, Alexis also spent 3½ years in the Air Force.

Alexis’s journey reflects a spirited blend of service and entertainment, proving that transitions into adult work can come from various professional backgrounds. Her story is especially inspiring for those who have served in the military and are seeking new adventures in civilian life.

Alexis Fawx and Cherie DeVille

Our collaborations in films and on our OnlyFans have been both intense and memorable. In "Girlsway Alexis Fawx Spanked by Officer Cherie," we explored a dynamic power play, and in "Cherie DeVille Begs Step-Daughter to help Dildo Stuck in Pussy," we delved into more comedic yet steamy situations. 

Silvia Saige: Comedy and Career Shifts

Silvia Saige brings a unique twist to her career in adult entertainment. After feeling the constraints of a typical 9-to-5 job, Silvia made a bold move into stand-up comedy and eventually into the adult industry. 

Silvia's story is a testament to the idea that it's never too late to change paths and pursue what truly makes you happy. Her ability to juggle multiple careers successfully showcases the diverse talents and ambitions that many in the adult film industry possess.

Silvia Sage and Cherie DeVille

Together, we have created some sizzling scenes in films and on our OnlyFans channels that fans adore. Our work in "Silvia Saige Seduces Her Daughter's Boyfriend" and the collaborative effort in "MILFs Cherie Deville & Silvia Saige Can't Wait To Fuck Each Other" from MILF Performers Of The Year 2021, produced by Elegant Angel, are prime examples of how well we connect on and off the camera.

Joanna Angel: Pioneer of Alt Porn

Joanna Angel is a name synonymous with the alt porn genre. She founded the website in 2002, introducing the world to a platform that combined hardcore scenes with a distinctive style, featuring performers who typically wouldn't be found in traditional adult films.

Joanna's contributions to the industry are immense, as she continues to act, direct, and write adult films, pushing the boundaries and expanding the definitions of adult entertainment. Her recognition includes being named one of the 12 most popular stars in porn by CNBC, a testament to her impact and popularity.

Joanna Angel and Cherie DeVille

Joanna and I have teamed up for several memorable projects for films and our OnlyFans channels. One of our notable collaborations is "Cherie DeVille & Joanna Angel Fuck The Intern." This film is a playful yet provocative exploration of power dynamics, filled with the edgy charm that Joanna is known for. Another great project is "Unqualified," where our on-screen interaction brings a mix of humor and sensuality, making it a standout piece that fans adore.

Collaborating with Talent

Working with each of these incredible women has been both inspiring and educational. In the adult entertainment industry, we're more than just performers; we're artists, advocates, and trailblazers. Each of these women has shown that there are many layers to being an adult star, and I'm proud to highlight their accomplishments and the depth of their careers.

Thank you for joining me in celebrating these fantastic co-stars. Their stories inspire and challenge the conventional views of adult performers, showing the world that we are capable of so much more than what meets the eye.


Cherie DeVille

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